Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mix 003

Nina Simone: Funkier Than a Mosquitos Tweeter
Martin Rev: Temptation
Stereolab & Nurse With Wound: Simple Headphone Mind
Scuba: Aesaunic
Falty DL: Play Child
Grouper & Xela: I Drowned Her In A Dreamless Sleep
Swans: Blind Love
Subway: Xam
Daniel Bell: Electric Shock
Darkstar: Videotape
Dynamix II: Ignition (The 747 Mix)
Joey Beltram: Frequency Release
Rainbow Arabia: Omar K
Boris: Buzz In (Optimo Remix)
Cave: Requiem For John Sex


Friday, 6 November 2009

Mix 002

Sonic Youth: Antenna
Quixote feat. Lisa Li-Lund: Before I Started to Dance (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Cloud: Steppin' Out Jam (Special Instrumental Dub)
Modern English: Life in the Gladhouse
Micheal Bundt: The Brain of Oscar Panizza (Pilooski edit)
Hawkwind: Valium Ten (Betty Botox edit)
Vindicatrix: Private Places (Shackleton & Mordant Music Remix)
Stag Hare: Holy Quinn
The Horrors: Sea With A Sea

No Longer Available

Mix 001

Emperor Machine- Pro Mars
Phuture- Inside Out (Roy's Rad Nomad Mix)
Shed- Another Wedged Chicken
Modern Sound Corporation- Safari (Greg Wilson Edit)
Coconot- Conservad El Rayo
Dottores Kranky Disco Band- Berlin Walls
Artery- The Death of Peter X
Blur- Battle
Jus Wan- The Crossing

No Longer Available